Clarke reportedly labelled watson a cancer. He also referred to her as a ‘faggot.’

Watson’s sister later claimed she found an online post suggesting Clarke had slept with the alleged victim, in which her sister claimed her sister had written ‘came out of nowhere’ to ask for Watson’s contact information.

Clarke, who is an English teacher at Heston Grammar School, reportedly responded to the post with: ‘Do you know who this person is? I don’t want to know any more. This is so sad. I feel horrible for this woman. She has lost everything.’

Liam Payne’s cousin, Jamie Thomas, claimed the pair had called Clarke ‘c**t’ and said they did not ‘understand how a young man like her was treated’.

He claimed Clarke had called him ‘c**t’ and ‘dumb’ during their Christmas Eve 우리카지노dinner in November 2015.

He said: ‘He was such a beautiful man, so down to ear바카라th and such a gentle soul. He was an incredible man, and I was so grateful to have had him as my mother.

‘It’s a horrible thing to happen but she didn’t deserve this. It’s shocking and I find it sad. It’s a bad day fnatyasastra.comor Australia and Britain, who have gone so far as to send their entire public school population to this country to train in this country.’

Thomas said he believes Clarke was also bullied at school by two of her peers after she posted about their sexuality on Facebook.

It is believed a third person may have provided her with a fake email address and contacted her parents to tell her about a planned outing to the Middle East.