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But he said the bill was not about the use of opioids as a “cure”. “The bill’s language says ‘only one prescription for every 10 patients’ – what it really says is one prescription for every 10 pjarvees.comatients. So we know that the cost is only two per cent and the patient who’s using it is not getting the help they need from a provider.”

The bill’s sponsor, state senator Bob Dorgan of Niskayuna, said a “lack of evidence” is why the opioid prescriptions continued to rise, although he would not take on the issue in the Senate this se바카라사이트ssion.

“I don’t believe it’s just the bill itself, it’s how this is being written, which does not reflect the scie바카라nce,” he said, noting that he does not “think [the bill] is very scientific”.

Dorgan said that although the bill was “not aimed at reducing use”, as was the intent of House Bill 22, his colleagues should at least know about it.

“The bill does not apply to people taking their own medication,” he said, adding that he hoped people would take the measure more seriously if they understood how much opioids are costing. “I’m hoping that the bill is taken into consideration and we’ll come back with some real proposals for addressing this.”