Excessive speed to blame for train derailment investigators say crash is an accident

Briefing reporters Friday after investigators concluded a massive derailment was an accident, Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said investigators were looking at “how this happened. How the tracks got tangled up and this could have occurred.”

“I think we’ve talked about it (the derailment) for several weeks,” Wiedefeld said. “And when we look at how that happened we have questions and concerns. How did that go as far as the crash and not as far as the engineer doing the train control on the tracks.”

As the investigation unfolded, Wiedefeld said the most pressing investigation concerns why the first engineer on the track did not call for a stop as train trains were leaving the track for a train stop. Wiedefeld also said “not all train controls work, in the right conditions, correctly,” and that he expects this will be addressed.

“This is a train, it’s on the track, it can do no wrong. What happened is when the engineer failed to call for a stop the train is going to go forward, and I think that in itself, we’re trying to come to some understanding of how and why the train went forward,” Wiedefeld said. “That’s really a complicated piece of the puzzle.”

“What we know 더킹카지노right now that we can’t be 100 percent sure of is what happened,” Wiedefeld said. “You may not like this train, but it’s not running an alarm or anything like that, and that’s not why it went forward.”

Wiedefeld said an engineer will be suspended and that additional training for drivers, rail engineers and t더킹카지노he engineers who operate the rail cars that touch the train can be added to the Metro system. He said he has received thousands of phone calls, emails and letters since the accident in the suburbs, and said Metro has received numerous reports that have not been addressed or accepted in full.

Metro is currently conducting a safety study to understand how rail cars are maintained and how the train control system works, which may include reviewing all of the trnatyasastra.comain controls used by Metro and Metro-North trains.