Forum to offer public input into traffic flow woes

• Traffic light, traffic island, and intersection closures: In the next few months, DOT is planning to issue a public-submitted traffic island proposal and a traffic flow change request. In the new proposal, “any lane that is not controlled by traffic control devices will be open to vehicular traffic as long as these lights are in place,” says DOT spokeswoman Diane Egan. The request may affect the amount of time motorists have to maneuver through these intersections and may be used for community outreach.

• The public’s input in DOT traffic changes: DOT is inviting residents to submit their comments on proposed traffic islands on a proposal to be sent to the Department of Transportation. DOT is also soliciting public comment on how the intersection redesign will improve safety by reducing accidents, delays, and crashes, as we더킹카지노ll as the amount of time that drivers have to make their way through these intersections.

• City council meetings: DOT is hosting several City council meetings in early June. The meetings will focus on traffic engineering solutions to address traffic flow issues, traffic mitigation methods and how traffic flow affects property values and residents.

The intersection redesigns could result in major improvements to the intersection by cutting down on the amount of space residents have to maneuver, allowing them to access and cross a wide range of streets and allow the use of transit and bicycles. These improvements will create more space for residential units, parking, s더킹카지노chools, and the community for the businesses and residents already living there. There will be many opport예스카지노unities for the public to participate, with many of the more than 200 community members attending the forum and participating in the public comment period.

For more information about traffic improvements and how to submit an idea for a traffic island at City Hall, visit the site of DOT’s public engagement on this topic here.

Additional photos from the community meeting.