Hewitt and tomic suffer losses at queen’s club to the top six. Then, from there, it’s just a matter of how many times can they get it to take the game down. They get this going, and it goes from there.

“They’ve been absolutely fantastic. Now we’ve got some games against teams we wouldn’t have lost if we were just playing to their strengths. But they’ve been incredibly well supported. Obviously, it’s been good against the best players in the world. But they were all there because of their form. The only difference is now we have to play to their strengths, which is where they are.”

Nymantha has made it clear he doesn’t believe the current crop of players in the top flight can help propel the club to a better finish. The midfielder is con로얄카지노fident the squad he속초출장샵 inherited was ready for the rigours of Europe and s여주출장샵ays it’s important now the club must adapt.

“We have to make an effort to see the season through,” the 25-year-old said. “It is always very exciting to have players get through and play, but you also need to make an effort because it doesn’t happen every week. We’ve got a good squad of players in the squad who want to play games, and that’s all you can do if you think about it.”