Man to front court accused of assaulting police officer

By Jonathan Bissett

CUNY — In his arraignment Thursday, Brooklyn DA Cyrus Vance Jr. charged Officer Stephen J. Wilson with assault and resisting arrest while a cop, according to an arraignment report.

Wilson was responding to reports of a shoplifter in a vacant building in Brooklyn’s Ditmas Square at 7 p.m. on May 18, 2015, when he encountered 26-year-old Jose Luis Carcamo Jr. In his account in his report, Wilson claims he heard a shout behind him, noticed “three gentlemen” standing and approaching the squad car, and the trio started to leave. Wilson allegedly saw one of the “guests” hit Carcamo with a bottle and said he was going to use a taser on him, so the officer deployed his stun gun. But that’s not what happened.

According to the report, the three people “charged at Officer Wilson and took off running when Officer Wilson f바카라ired his Taser into a concrete wall.”

As the officers tried to apprehend Carcamo, “Mr. Carcamo moved to the side to avoid the Taser and continued to advance toward the officers,” the report said. One of the officers then grabbed a hold of the back of Carcamo’s head by his hair and “placed a right elbow under the left ear of Mr. Carcamo, to keep him from breathing,” according to the report.

The cops then tried to arrest Carcamo, but he바카라사이트 jumped on top of a fence and “unfortunately 더킹카지노fell onto a metal pole.” At that point, the officers were forced to use their Taser stun guns.

The DA also charged Wilson with obstruction of justice because Carcamo allegedly “ran towards the officers to stop his arrest” and they “cannot speak with him because he was resisting arrest.”

Carcamo was taken into custody and later released pending a hearing.

Calls to the DA’s office seeking comment were not immediately returned Friday.