Nadal shoots down federer with 5th round of 55

Federer leads Nadal at 7-7 in the seventh and Federer leads 14-15 in the final set.

And as Nadal was preparing for the ball, he had the following conversation with his wife:

“Oh no. Please don’t shoot!” I think this is a good shot for her.

The shot to the right left from Nadal, shot that started a debate to see which was more effective. Was it to hurt Federer or hurt Nadal?

It certainly did hurt Nadal. You could tell the nerves were on his face as he kept waiting for the ball to come to his feet but he was never near his best. Federer had a good moment when Nadal played the “backhand shot” where he goes up with the ball. It’s very, very nice and good to see. But it wasn’t easy to see Federer playing that shot when Federer was tired because he had the confidence to let it go when he felt like it would hurt Nadal. And it wasn’t a very long shot. And Nadal got the shot off and it was a pretty solid shot. I liked the idea of a Federer “backhand shot” and it worked and I think it’s a very good way to start a match.

Suffice to say, Nadal won with the shot that worked. It worked against Djokovic and it worked against Nadal.

I don’t know that I ever wanted to see Federer play the backhand, but you saw en우리카지노ough that a Federer “backhand” would be an interesting possibility in this match. It was a good “kick” to play on him because he knew he wasn’t going to let the shot fly. That was really frustratin우리카지노g. But we’re here.

When I was at the US Open a few years ago, I watched a play that is one of the best examples of Federer’s defensive positioning in the final of the match. It was at the Davis Cup. I remember the match very vividly. It was a long set. It was on the final day. I saw this match and I was like, “Wow! That was a great performance by Federer. He defended well. He played smart and he defended, even after playing the backhand shot with a ball out there, played it well.” But he play카지노 사이트ed that shot because Federer had the confidence to let the shot fly. As you can see i