Port kembla workers reject steelworks agreement



The Scottish Government has struck a deal with the unions of steelworkers that will force them to walk away from their bitter decades-old dispute over the rights to strike.

The government has made the deal with the SEP and Unite because it wants the agreement to include changes to the National Living Wage which has triggered the dispute and could also cost the steelmakers millions of pounds in lost productivity.

The deal is a setback to the government over plans to strike.

It is expected to mean that steelworkers will begin to walk away from the Scottish Government next year with a fresh threat, without having to negot우리카지노iate the deal of the last three months.

“We are hopeful that this can be brought about because there has been a substantial amount of talk and that it is at best, an interim deal, at 더킹카지노worst an end to it now” union general secretary Jackie Baillie, whose union Unite in the steel industry represents some 3,000 employees.

There is currently talks on a new pay deal for industrial employees but a deal between the three groups can only be announced once the talks are concluded.

Unite’s John McEnroe said the agreement would not resolve the crisis but would pave the way for the government to strike over the issue.

There would be further talks next year about a new working relationship for the steelworkers but the deal is likely to end with a strike, he said.

“It’s a very difficult situation but it seems likely to result in a return to negotiations. There might be an agreement and it could be that the first attempt at a negotiated deal will come this January.

“We’re hoping that it will lead to a settlement 우리카지노within the near future.”

The Government had agreed to extend the deadline for striking workers’ talks to January 2016 but there are concerns the dispute could drag on long after the new two-year deal with the SEP expires