Telstra profit tumbles as nbn continues to drain revenue

A Fairfax Media analysis has revealed Telstra’s overall profitability dropped in the fourth quarter of 2014 to its lowest point in four years예스카지노.

It found a profit loss of $1.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Telstra has spent its recent three-year business transformation on NBN project that has seen customers, prices and fixed line tariffs rise or fall in the years leading up to the company’s takeover in 2011.

While the NBN is due to begin operation next month, the Telstra analysis showed profit losses were the biggest in four years, but it was not quite as bad as reported earlier in the year.

While Telstra’s second-quarter profit was expected at $5.4 billion, it fell to $3.2 billion as a share of total profit.

Analysts surveyed by Fairfax Media said Telstra’s 2013 business results were good enough to avoid its worst-ever quarterly profit loss.
They said Telstra’s second-quarter report did not take into account the price rise that has taken place over the past two years.

On a positive note, analysts said that Telstra’s investment into its core networks and upgrading the network to deliver a future-proof infrastructure model was positive.

However, they said Telstra’s NBN upgrade plans were far from over.

“We believe NBN-related costs and upgrades are likely to continue to drive significant additional cash flow for the remainder of 2014 as the underlying structure and structure of Telstra’s infrastructure continues to improve,” they said.

A Fairfax Media spokeswoman said Telstra was well on course for future performance.

“The telcos’ operating performance continues to demonstrate that the NBN is the right investment for our customers – we expect it to deliver a positive performance in 2014,” she said.

NBN to be renamed ‘Nemu’ as new companies are formed

Despite Telstra’s disappointing performance, the Telstra Network Operators’ Association (TNOA) today launched a naming scheme for NBN customers.

Telstra’s Optus-backed network will be renamed Telstra Infrastructure Network and rename바카라사이트d Telstra Network.

The decision was made after the telco’s CFO and chief executive, Chris Packham, attended the TNOA’s annual conference to sign off on the naming.

The Telstra Network Operators Association is now calling its naming scheme the ‘Nemu’ approach, the ‘Nemu’ is being used by telecommunications companie