Thai protests turn deadly with at least 40 killed Copyright by KXAN – All rights reserved An armed police officer escorts protesters toward a police vehicle during a march in Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Emma Heil) [ + – ] Video

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Protests in Thailand’s capital escalated Wednesday night into deadly violence as at least 40 people were killed and as several dozen more were wounded.

The number of fatalities is believed to be increasing. One police official in Naypyidaw City, central Thailand, told The Huffington Post News Service that around 100 protesters were taken to hospitals. The injured were being treated at hospitals, the official added.

Two dozen protesters were shot by police at the end of a march near the main Bangkok airport, according to police officials.

Thai national poljarvees.comice chief Gen. Petchrung Surabjee said at a news conference that it was a result of a failed attempt on his life, and a “disastrous attack,” but that protesters in the march had been running away. He said about 1,000 people were marching near the center of the capital.

“This incident began as an attempted escape. The police cannot solve that by attacking the crowd and killing those they try to control,” he added.

More than 10 officers were injured in the police clash.

우리카지노Several protesters were killed in a violent clash in Pattani on Tuesday, where a group tried to seize a government vehicle.

“We will resist, but if we cannot, we will die,” said Maha Boonpornsath, a 27-year-old truck driver, during the protest Tuesday afternoon.

One police official told The Huffington Post News Service police had been warned not to shoot protesters, but that the warnings never came. He added that authorities are not in a rush to respond to the escalation of the unrest.

At least six people died Wednesday in protests against the government in Bangkok, according to the official.

Authorities in Nong Khai Province also shut down two of their government offices Wednesday, killing at least four civilians.

The Bangkok incident comes several days after protests toppled long-serving leader Aung San Suu Kyi in June. In a speech that day, Aung San Suu Kyi was critical of her brother Aung San, saying she must face her더킹카지노 own trials for supporting the country’s military dictatorship.