Data are presented here from a suite of exhumed fault sections of the southern Dead Sea Fault System (DSFS), Israel. The DSFS is an active continental transform fault that has accumulated approximately 105 km of sinistral displacement since the mid Miocene; 60 km in an initial phase (20 18 Ma) and a further 45 km within the last 5 Ma. The studied faults lie immediately to the west of the active fault trace, west of the town of Elat, southern Israel, and are estimated to have been exhumed from shallow depths ( Results show the fault sections to be highly heterogeneous and comprise a range of fault rocks: variably fractured damage zones hosted in crystalline basement and sedimentary cover rocks; crushed crystalline basement rocks; mechanically entrained shale gouges; and fault gouges formed by a combination of cataclasis and neomineralisation of Mg bearing smectite.

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side effects of steroids AbstractThis article provides a critical analysis of the scope and the internal dynamics of the EU 27 Single European Market (SEM) policy framework, which is characterised by the intrinsic tension between application of hard deregulatory strategy in the area of market liberalisation and the soft approach of the Open Method of Co ordination (OMC). The latter acknowledges the diversity of national socio economic models and reluctance of member states to transfer key areas of economic and social policy making to the EU level. It instead concentrates on promoting best practice on the basis of policy exchange and learning and the overall framework targets set out in the Lisbon Strategy side effects of steroids.