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Innovation and discovery are at the centre of our mission to deliver meat alternatives to consumers.

We have developed our beef industry innovation program that aims to encourage companies to explore innovative new ways to produce and market meat alternatives and to introduce their products to new 카지노 사이트markets. This process has been supported by the National Food Marketing Council, the Australian Meat and New Zealand Pork Council and through the National Beef and Lamb Council’s Meat and New Zealand Meat Innovation Initiative.

We have also worked with government agencies to develop the National Beef and Lamb Innovation Framework to promote and secure investments in innovation in new beef production and marketing approaches. The framework will support and support the developm더킹카지노ent of the national beef research and development system and support the national beef industry initiatives.

We have created the National Beef and Lamb Innovation Programme (BELIP), the first innovation scheme in New Zealand to promote and protect New Zealand’s beef heritage and develop a framework to manage and deliver beef and lamb innovation efforts globally.

In the process of developing the National Beef and Lamb Innovation Framework, we worked closely with the Australian Government and the National Food Marketing Council and with the Australian Meat and New Zealand Pork Council and the meat industry’s partners.

National Beef and Lamb Innovation Program (2017/18)

The National Beef and Lamb Innovation Program is one of the programs that will help drive international beef research and development, development of quality and innovation outcomes and is managed by the NZDFIR Department of Agricultural and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the NZFIA.

The programme’s two major parts – the beef development framework and the meat innovation framework – ensure that innovation, research and development activities are focused on innovation.

The beef development framework involves three different categories:

New Zealand cattle cattle – a range of large breeds and breeds for domestic and export applications

Cattle grazing industry – for beef production activities

Australian cattle meat and beef products – for research and development, production, marketing and trade of Australian beef products (for beef slaughter)

A new category of Australian beef meat and beef products, which we hope to offer by late summer 2018, will enable further refinement of Australian research into new meat technologies.

Feeding and Animal Health


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