Cyclists saddle up to raise money for sick kids in Sydney

Folks across Australia are stepping up their personal support of sick children in Sydney by riding the bikes along with them.

For over 100 children across Australia are riding their bikes along Sydney’s streets every morning to raise money for hospital treatment afte강남안마r Hurricane Irma.

“It’s great to be a part of a community that does what no one else can do,” said M샌즈카지노ichael Krumm from the Perth-based Pedal Power Group. “I ride my bike with all of my friends to raise funds for our hospital.”

The group, which has more than 100 members across Australia and has donated more than $17 million towards hospitals and kids’ education in the last 18 years, says it hopes to help other people do the same.

“Pedal power is about building stronger communities and building healthier communities,” said Dr. Robert Mather from Pedal Power. “I love cycling because of the benefits it provides, but I know it makes a world of difference for someone and you may not know someone who is riding a bike with you at all times.”

Some of Pedal Power’s members don’t just bike to raise money for children with mental illnesses or physical disabilities, but all over Australia they take part in the fundraising events with the theme ‘Pedal Power for the Sick’ where people ride bikes to support the Pedal Power for the Sick charity, a foundation run by Pedal Power in partnership with its members in Australia and internationally.

According to Pedal Power, there are approximately 15,000 children with mental illnesses and nearly 13,000 kids living in extreme poverty in the US alone and a study conducted by the Pedal Power te울산출장마사지 울산출장샵am of mental health experts found that if you didn’t ride your bike to ride with your loved one to support them, you were wasting their time and money, and your own.

On Saturday, the group will be raising money for Pedal Power for the Sick for the children who need our support.

The Pedal Power for the Sick tour has been running across Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and the Port Hedland area.

For more info visit the Pedal Power website