Numbers of cleaved embryos that developed to the blastocyst stage following IVM/IVF/IVC did not differ significantly between vitrified and control groups (29.4 vs 45.1 %). In vitro matured ovine oocytes vitrified at GV stage using cryoloop were activated by two different protocols (I) a combination of calcium ionophore (A 23187) steroids, cycloheximide and cytochalasin 13 (CA+CHX/CI3), (2) strontium and CB (Sr/Cll). No blastocysts developed in vitrified oocytes activated by CA+CHX/CB; however, 3.8% were obtained following Sr/CI3 activation.

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Items which failed to reach pre defined ratings thresholds were removed and remaining items were re rated until a pre defined consensus threshold was reached. After three rounds, an initial 37 item version of the CompACT was produced. The CompACT was then disseminated to a non clinical sample of participants (N = 377) mainly via social media.

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