Graingrowers to discuss changes, including changes in how the company operates. (CBC) The plan also calls for incr바카라사이트easing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, though there is a provision for the company to raise that amount up to a maximum of $13 an hour.

The company is also changing its website to include a “free” guide, where employees can get tips with a website that gives information on things like food pantries, rent subsidies and child care.

The minimum wage in B.C. has been growing more slowly than other provinces across Canada, as the cost of living has increased.

‘Good policy’

Steve Hui of the B.C. Federation of Labour says the legislation is “a good policy, based on evidence.”

That doesn’t mean it’바카라s the same for every company, he argues.

“There are some companies that don’t do it,” he says. “Some that won’t get a raise. Some that have gone back to $13.50, for example.”

“We have to have this balanced approach in the province of B.C., but we also have to have good public policy here. And I think if you take a look at the overall picture of what’s working in this province,apronx good policy in this province is really one that is well supported.”