Hand of pedersen leaves souness fearing axe

by John Allen

The story of the axe murder of former US president William S. Pedersen, first reported by the Telegraph and published in The Guardian this week, is one of an alarming trend in British politics. Two months before the British election, there were fears that Theresa May would lead the Tories into coalition government. But she decided not to take the job after a public argument with her own party leader, Michael Gove, who had accused the MP of not being a true Conservative. The Labour Party’s Ed Miliband, who was on the right wing of the party, immediately stepped in to take Pedersen’s place.

I am deeply disappointed but not surprised바카라 by the failure of Conservative leader David Cameron’s’rear-ended speech’ in which he blamed a ‘bizarre outburst of emotion’ on his rival, the Liberal Democrat MP Boris Johnson. The Labour Party leader is a great admirer of Mr Pedersen and the Tories must take responsibility and apologise if they make a similar mistake. And I urge the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron to intervene so that David Cameron can get on with the job he has been elected to perform.

It seems as though Labour has lost hope and has no idea how to stop Mr Farage. His supporters have used the phrase, ‘don’t let Britain become a banana republic’ and there are calls from many to vote UKIP against Britain. That, as I understand it, is an argument that Mr Farage’s followers use and that is not just wrong, it is dangerous. It could be that더킹카지노 Mr Farage’s supporters are desperate for him to be beaten, and they want him to become less important, because in a Ukip-led government (I suspect it will probably be Labour in the immediate term), he would be less than important and would be vulnerable to being dumped by Labour for political reasons. It seems to me that such people should not be involved in politics. They do not belong in politics, they do not care and their loyalty is to UKIP. The whole thing reminds me of those time when, after the last Labour Party election in 1997, the then leader of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, had a campaign with a poster that 예스카지노said: “This will be the last time Gordon Brown will go down in history as a Labour Party leader, just like his brother in politics, Ed. So join David Davis. Join my campaign for a proper Labour Party”.

It has got to the point where I think that the media will do everything it can to cover it, as