Mining royalties aboriginal benefits account to the government is more than $10 billion a year.

As a result, the federal government now pays only 3 per cent of mining royalties, down from the average of 18 per cent.

However, the Harper government has not yet announced any details on a plan to rein in royalty payments — i넷마블 바카라t had previously called for a review of provincial mining royalty programs.

One senior federal official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters, said the review would “include everything we’ve thought about how we can help the aboriginal community.”

In a statement, the federal government pointed to several policies being outlined in its 2010-11 budget, including an ongoing discussion with the Assembly of First Nations on how to better share benefits for First Nations, while also making sure those payments are distributed evenly across the country.

“All the information we have on how our provinces and territories are managing their payments for the First Nations people is being evaluated and the federal government will not comment on the content of any proposed policy announcement related to First Nations,” the statement said.

B.C. First Nations chief has’staring contest’

The Canadian Council of Chief Producers, which advocates for equal benefits for all First Nations, was furious with the announcement, warning the NDP won’t follow through on a promise to pay First Nations more.

The council said Tuesday it would spend money on a grassroots campaign to pressure the NDP into paying more in royalties for Firs바카라 게임t Nations.

“No province in Canada will ever agree to provide greater benefits for First Nations people to ensure a long-term sustainable economic recovery that ensures aboriginal peoples are not forgotten,” said David Suzuki, chair of the council.

He said the announcement is bad for B.C. First Nations and bad for indigenous people.

Suzuki said there are now two First Nations across the country with higher rates of First Nations poverty than B.C. First Nations does, and the federal and provincial governments should pay them more.

“I believe this government has now lost its focu더킹 카지노s and that if we put it right, it will become one of the fastest growing provinces for Aboriginal peoples in the world.”

The federal government has a “deep sense of shame” about the poor health of its Indian status children, said a Liberal official who was not authorized to speak publicly.

The official also said the federal government is trying to be all good about protecting First Nations’ aboriginal community.