Missing tourists found safe in kalbarri gorge

A young Muslim boy was buried alive, in a pit with dead bodies of Hindus and Christians in the southern Indian village of Kalbarri, police said.

The bodies of 20 children were found by villagers who were looking for buried children and had not found any evidence of a grave, police said.

Police and medical teams and the forensic teams of the government and the Madhya Pradesh Special Disaster Management Authority (MPSDA) were on the scene.

“There was a complete absence of any sign of burial at this time of year and we found the bodies with open wounds at some places,” said Kala Sivatharaman, a police official and a member of the Kalbarri village committee.

An Indian diplomat said several Hindu residents who had come to the village to ask the villagers to help them find their missing children were later shot dead.

A local newspaper reported that the dead women were mostly buried alive, while the dead children were laid out in pits.

Local people told NDTV that they had discovered the bodies after넷마블 포커 returning from searching for the missing parents of two boys who had gone missing two weeks ago.

Local people in a village near the scene told AP news agency that the remains were in the pits because all the villagers had asked to have their dead relatives cremated and that people came looking for their relatives only when they had made a demand of police.

Rescue workers, policemen and volunteers gathered at the spot on Monday as the district magistrate of the town, Kishore Kumar Yadav, called the situation very grim.

“They were buried alive and they could not even be buried alive. It is very sad that they were buried in that manner,” Yadav said.

Local police chief K.K. Mishra said the bodies were buried with closed heads and heads and the head were wrapped in plastic sheeting. “We have to put their bodies where there is no other trace,” he said.

A postmortem report had revealed that the bodies were all male and were abou골드카지노t 15 to 16 years old.

India banned the practice of triple talaq in 2002 after a Supreme Court ruling that forced the practice on Muslims.

In recent days, an Indian court ordered the local police and the government agencies to expedite any case to prosecute the husband or wife, who was facing legal action for triple talaq, over a case of death by starvation due to the practice. The man’s case has been ref양산안마erred to