Philippines troops find dozens dead as warawi siege ends in talks Copyright by KHON – All rights reserved Video

A Philippine army patrol is fighting back to secure the southern part of Luzon island in the warawi battle.

As Philippine military officials continue to negotiate an end to the battle with Islamic extremists, the United Nations says they may have killed more than 800 civilians, including children.

The figh가평출장마사지ting over a district of southern Mindanao in the southern Philippines is the largest offensive by militants of the Muslim rebel group Maute, who are trying to topple President Rodrigo Duterte.

US envoy to the conflict Mark Toner said it is impossible to know the truth.

A group of UN war crimes investigators had spoken with representatives from the warawi group and found that, based on preliminary evidence, almost all combatants had been killed.

UN experts also found that the fighting and death toll may have been exaggerated, due to uncertainty in initial reports.

One of the UN experts, Robert Serry, said there are some questions that need to be answered as “we have evidence that may not have been available on the ground and on the internet.”

In their opening statements to the UN commission of inquiry, the warawi group said it “w바둑이 사이트ould gladly accept a retrial on the basis of fair trial without the possibility of prejudice to legitimate rights and interests.”

But while the warawi group did admit it has “a responsibility to ensure the rights of the people of Mindanao will be protected,” it said they also “cannot justify actions that may have the unintended consequence of causing grave harm to innocent civilians.”

At the end of their opening statements Thursday, the UN war crimes experts from the three countries — the United States, Italy and France — said they “were unable to reach agreement about an initial estimate of the civilian death toll from the beginning of hostilities to the end of the conflict.”

The commission of inquiry has yet to identXO 카지노ify exactly what civilian casualties took place.

It is expected to continue negotiating between the armed groups Thursday and Friday, UN officials told KHON2.

The commission of inquiry is based in Washington, D.C. It met in early May for one of its first rounds, which is to cover three phases of the country’s war on terrorism: planning, implementation, and investigation.

The military also is responsible for overseeing security operations, along with local communities and the government for implementing the mandate.