Plan to train more dental students in regional dental schools by providing $1.9 million to $4 million per year for new programs.

New regional dental programs could include programs such as the North-South Community Center, w우리카지노hich provides dental care and dental services to a community in one of 10 communities in the Twin Cities, or the Midwest Community Care Center, which offers dentistry and general wellness services in five communities.

Dental students can also get a certificate from the region’s regional dental program. The certificates should be completed on-campus.

“We have a lot of dental student community colleges that are in need of additional funding,” said state Rep. Bob Ducharme, DFL-Chaska. “This will help address the gap for students and help them get a certificate or an associate’s degree.”

A proposed state appropriation of $16.2 million for dental programs in 2014-15 comes in part from a recent $45 million bond that raised $1.1 million for the region.

The state’s dental program is part of the Minnesota Dental Associationapronx‘s (MDCA) budget, established in 198바카라사이트0, to provide care to the state’s dentists and health care providers in Minnesota. The plan is $100 million over 10 years, up from $50 million currently.

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