Public invited to nt statehood committee

The Virginia legislature met in Richmond on Friday to hear whether to propose a referendum on nt becoming a state or not. The House Rules Committee held a hearing on the matter to ensure the committee has sufficient votes to move forward.

The proposal from the House rules committee will call on members to provide an annual report, including any proposals offered by the House and Senate and any specific language of the language u창원출장마사지sed, to the governor within 14 days after passage by the House of Representatives.

Nassau County Gov. Larry Hogan spoke to reporters at the meeting.

“I think it will be successful,” Hogan said when asked what he thought of a referendum. “I think a referendum would be a good start on the first ste영천출장샵p.

“We don’t want any more time, period. I feel that at some point some of that will move the needle. But I also am a big believer in public option for the state and in health care. I want to hear and see how all sides of the issue is coming through, not just as we start the discussion today but, actually, next year if the governor is willing to consider public option for the state.

“I am open-minded to any of that and I’m happy to come in with those ideas.”

Hogan said he was “pleased” with the decision not to propose a referendum and was not sure why the Legislature has not acted on it.

“I just think that you’ve got to figure out what’s the best use of your time,” Hogan said. “It doesn’t mean we won’t take additional steps. But we’re going to come back next year with an answer to whether we’ve done enough to take this process forward.”

Hogan’s commen로얄카지노ts come after several bills seeking to make the issue a major issue in the 2016 campaign were introduced in the House Judiciary Committee, in part to see if there is public support to get the issue out of the realm of the 2016 candidates.

In addition to Hogan, state Sen. Joe Perticone, D-Stafford, was a sponsor of the second House resolution regarding a referendum. Perticone’s bill is still in the committee stage and has no expected action this year.

Perticone said that his measure was more about being heard by the Legislature.

“The legislation will seek to make sure every Virginian is able to vote no on a yes vote,” he said. “My bill includes an initial and ongoing report