Reserve bank t부산 마사지ipped to cut rates during election

Mr Abbott told reporters he is “incredibly disappointed” by the comments by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

“You’ve heard the rhetoric of the Prime Minister and you’ve heard that when people are unemployed they can find work but that’s not so,” he said.

“If you’re really serious about doing something about unemployment you’ve got to reduce poverty rates and improve the living standards of people.

“For too many Australians to be in this position where they have to seek work is so detrimental to our economic future.

“I’ve never believed people should be unemployed because they can’t find work but in my view the economic situation would deteriorate in the short term if the Government gave those people a choice between giving a few jobs a few weeks’ pay to get by, or continuing to use unemployment compensation.

“I think people understand there’s a very real cost of that if you don’t do that but it has to be part of the economic debate.

“There is some concern that if the Government continues to use the benefits available in this country I do believe it will mean a smaller share of the total welfare budget coming from Australia to spend in other countries.”

The Reserve Bank’s policy of taking a very “substantial view” on the level of강원출장샵 unemployment is a long-established principle of the bank’s work, Mr Abbott said.

“The Reserve Bank is determined to ensure that unemployment is l평택출장샵ess than the high level that is currently experienced and it’s a view that has been consistent throughout most of our career as a bank,” he said.

“As Banker of the Year, its long-term approach has proven effective, ensuring that employment is lower than at the time of our foundation in 1913 when our first bank was established.”

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