Ruddock not satisfied with gay parternships bill

The shadow home secretary has told MPs gay people shouldn’t be allowed to parrot the message “same sex marriage is wrong” in a vote on marriage equality.

Catherine West said: “If there is one thing we should be able to trust in politicians, it’s that they will not be fooled by slick and deceptive attempts by some groups to use our democratic rights in a divisive way for their own gain.”

“So on that count I think it is safe to say there will be more than a t건마ouch of hypocrisy in this session, but perhaps it won’t be as apparent as we may wish.”

Last year Labour MP Chuka Umunna said some “homosexual activists” had tried to use Parliament to “distract from the real issue” of gay marriage – a result of which the prime minister was said to have been concerned.

‘Dangers for our children’

Last night Mr Ruddock warned that the “stunning” case of the two gay brothers murdered in Newlands, Lancashire by a man whose partner is not gay, could only damage a country that was “so united as to be크레이지 슬롯 almost incapable of understanding that the tragedy is not the other way round”.

He said: “A country is built on the belief that its citizens will be treated with respect, but on this occasion that has been undermined by attacks and attempts to make the lives of British and Welsh people, children and adults, the subject of hatred and attacks.”

He asked if the Prime Minister had made a statement on this tragedy and it had gone unanswered.

“I’m certain that all those who want 인터넷 바카라us to see this as a question of marriage for same sex couples must be very angry that we have allowed such divisive and cynical rhetoric to go unchecked, and perhaps that they and others are prepared to see a different approach on the basis that it is what is required to protect children from real danger.”

He added that he would do everything he could to prevent further abuse but added: “In the interests of our children we must work together to ensure a society where we have the right to respect each other and stand up for what is right.”